About This Place

Parvulus of Deus of Venia

A Disclaimer of Sorts  ~Anything I say here will almost certainly be unimportant and foolish. I have found, however, that some of the most insignificant things in life have, at times, brought be the most courage or hope.  So if, in the midst of my foolish and simple words you are in some way heartened, I will be more than pleased that you read them. If therein you find only a child’s mind, know that I do not claim to have any more to offer you.  Enjoy~

What I Write About: In short, I write about life. The simple day to day stuff that usually isn’t important at all (and thus, perhaps, even more important to say at times)  Common topics for me (because they happen to be a regular part of my life at the moment, or have been in the recent past)  include, but are not limited to My great dane bear, dog training/care, Trader Joe’s and my obsession with it, my neighbor Scott, grief/loss, hope/forgiveness, human behavior, God, my random hospital adventures (i.e: Anemia,/Lupus/collapsed lungs, etc) California cheeseburgers joints, nonsense in general, gardens and fairies, Ireland, home decor and simplicity in all things.



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