Fall, is that you?

Summer has come and gone and I have been absent from this place.  As I understand it, “fall” began yesterday, though I have yet to feel it’s effects just yet.  I suppose that is mostly due to the fact that it is 100 degrees outside.

Fall is a funny thing in SoCal. For those who did not grow up here, I often hear it doesn’t exist.  But to the Cali native, it’s quite apparent once it arrives, though perhaps difficult to explain given it’s subtleties.  The air changes, it feels thinner and whispier (is whispier a word?) The sun doesn’t glow anymore, it shines through the air as if through glass. It’s sharper, crisper, and it no longer enveloping, and the air smells of earth and leaves and sky.  There is something haunting and sad, yet desperately charming about it.


I am pleased to tell you that after losing my neighbor Scott, I was pleasantly surprised by another delightful human who took up her abode next-door to me. She a grandmother of such youthful spirit I quite forget she is older than I, with the sort of smile you cannot help but grin right back at.  She is a retired fireman (firewoman?) who is more bad-ass then most men I’ve known.

Sorry men.

Her dexterity at keeping plants alive is right up there with mine, however, so between us we have murdered a few flowers.


Unfortunate indeed. We have decided that cactus might be more our sort of vegetation.

The beasts have taken to her rather fondly, but still try to sound ferocious whenever she opens her door, just in case they are mistaken and she’s really a malicious psychopath.

But one more thought about fall,  before I go. While I love seasonal drinks, you can’t just pop out a pumpkin spice latte (or whatever drink craze that is at Starbucks) and make it feel like fall.  That just results in a bunch sweaty, irritable people drinking their lattes while they melt away from the inside out. video.yahoofinance.com@7890a911-afe7-31c2-bbba-67ed75bb87ae_FULL

Lets not do that to ourselves, shall we?

Still waiting for the air to change so I can wear pants outside.