Musings on time

“Alice:  How long is forever?  White Rabbit:  Sometimes, just one second” -Lewis Carrol

I saw this painted on the side of wall somewhere in downtown Hollywood while parking for the half marathon this past weekend.


Of course, I didn’t run the half, my boyfriend did, though I did tag along for the 5k. This turned out to be rather ill-advised after my 6 week hiatus, and I am now paying for it.  There is a part of this I don’t regret at all, despite the cost, as it was me living.

And what is life if not but to be lived?

Anyhow, back to the wall art.  As soon as stepped out of my car, I found myself just staring at the words and thinking, until finally the cold, 5am air got the better of me and I decided not to freeze my tootsie off.

There is something very strange about time and age, I’ve always thought so.  Something not quite right, you know? The soul never ages, it is forever, yet it is the external entrapment of the body and the limitation of time we put so much thought and importance on.  What if we’re focusing on the wrong thing?  What if there is something to be learned from the tension that arises between a forever spirit and the confinement of time and body and mind?


Ever have a day that was much longer than another for no particular reason, yet all the clocks told you otherwise?  What if clocks can’t measure everything?  What if time is affected by elements we aren’t aware of but our consciousness is?  Call me crazy, but I think there is something to that.

Time is something we’ve always had around us, so we sort of think of it as normal, or better yet, we don’t think about it all it.  It’s like asking a fish what water is.

But I don’t think it’s everywhere, in every realm, and even here I think we can see it’s glitches every now again if we pay attention.

As a reminder of this, I will often leave one or more of the clocks in my house off, or pull the batteries.  It drives people crazy, and I understand why.  We depend on a measurement of existence that tells us we are real, that we’re moving forward.  And while I do think we are real, and time is a part of our reality at the moment, I don’t think it is essential for our existence. And I like to remember that.