I watched death today.

It passed by my eyes and soul like a swift wind across the sky,

and pulled my heart with it.

The light of life

taken in a moment, without warning,

without cause.

My heart told death it didn’t belong here,

but death came anyway

and took the life I had just

breathed with

a moment before.

I held on, calling out for mercy

for the dear heart I held in my arms.

Death told me

all is not before our eyes

that exists in this place.

The wind is what moves the trees,

and yet we never see it.

It hides it’s face until

it’s already passed,

and the change has been made in the leaves.

Death is this way,

and we cannot convince it to go

if it chooses to stay.

I don’t understand death,

I do not like it,

and of this I’m glad.

But it tells me something

my soul already knows.

That here is here

and death is there

And somewhere

in the middle we walk.








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