The dark side of sunny skies

A friend and colleague of mine (who shall remain forever nameless) has always abhorred hot or even warm weather when the essence of the season suggests otherwise. And actually, amongst my friends I find a great divide between those who complain during the gorgeous 75 degree weather here in January, and those who embrace it as a second summer.

Personally, I rather enjoy the randomness of it, the spontaneity that can’t really be predicted.  Plus, it allows me to wear my bikini on Christmas Eve.   I’ve also found that looking forward to whatever the morning brings and embracing the good in it is much more satisfying than holding out expectations and being continually disappointed.

That being said, there is something important about what my friend is saying, and I suppose there are reasons why people are complaining when it’s sunny and gorgeous outside in the dead of winter.  They’re not crazy, as was my first conclusion, though I admit it was difficult to move past that.

Do they SEE the bloody weather the rest of the country has been experiencing with sub-zero temperatures and  mile high snow mounds covering their homes?

Yes. And in a way, I think they might envy it.

Before you start yelling at me for saying that, hear me out for a moment.  I think what my friend is longing for is the beauty of seasons, in and of themselves.  It’s not that he isn’t a grateful person or that he’s looking for something to be bitter about, he wants to taste winter for what it is.   Because without the cold and bite of winter, summer loses something, or perhaps we simply loss our ability to experience it.   It’s like seeing white but never black.  Without the contrast, we won’t even know there is any color there to begin with.

And yes, white is a color. Don’t get me started.  (:

In either case, we are made to need change.  We are created as cyclical beings who need the turning of the tide, day to night, winter to spring, summer to fall. We feel lost without the natural divides that remind us we are here and a part of a living, breathing world.   We lose the ability to see the good when we have nothing to contrast it with.  What once was beautiful in our eyes all becomes grey and dull, perhaps even imperceptible.

This thought just sort of made my mind explode,  it pertains to a lot more than just seasons.  Moderation in work and pleasure, even how we see our fallenness in comparison to God’s grace.  Too much or not enough of anything can take away from the good of something, or make us blind to what we actually have right in front of us.

I think we need winter as much as we need fall spring and summertime.   And that’s why I’m ok listening to my friend complain about the sunny skies in January.

Personally, it’s the thunderstorms I wait for.  The days when I’m watching the rain fall outside while I’m tucked inside with a blanket and a cup of hot tea.  I’ve been ‘stuck’ inside like that with friends before,  watching old movies and telling stories all day with nothing but bread bowls and chowder.  Some of the best days I can recall.



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