A hodgepodge

Never seen a hodgepodge in person, you say? Well here it is, you’re about to meet one up close and personal.

I figure I should say something about my recent trader joe’s finds before the month of December is up.  Trouble is, my quota has been sadly dwindling in the Amazing Discoveries arena, so I don’t have a lot to offer you this time I’m afraid.   Thus, you will have to listen to my nonsensical musings once the aforementioned items are shared, for as you know thats just what I tend to do when left alone with a blank page.

TJ’s Maple Leaf Cookies.


So normally I’m not a fan of packaged cookies. Not at all.  I ‘discovered’ these whilst sitting in a 3 hour meeting at work after someone handed me one and demanded that I try it immediately. While normally I do not take well to demands of any kind (I actually tend to take deliberate opposing action) I could not think of what the opposite of eating a cookie would be.

So I tried it.

Though I hate to admit it, I’m so very glad I did. These are not your typical run of the mill cookie, they have a life all their own and are more maple than cookie, if that is possible.  I imagine Trader Joe’s only sells them during the holidays, so stock up my friend.

Or if you’re anything like me, don’t stock up (:

TJ’s Unexpected Chedder Cheese


I think my exact words when I first tried this were, “Holy craaaap”.   Roughly translated this of course means “How can this taste so good and oh can I have more and why has this never graced my tongue before?”  This is a dangerous cheese my friend, one that should not be attempted without the company of other human beings.  Failure to do so may result in a meal of cheese and a very sad-looking piece of empty packaging.

TJ’s frozen tilapia


I was reminded the other day that the time for my next blood work-up is fast approaching, and I’ve been less-than diligent in ensuring every meal include ‘lupus/anemia fighting food’. The reality is I already know the numbers are bad, and they are going to schedule me for more bloody infusions whenever they find out anyway (no pun intended). Nevertheless, the fighter in me decided to do my part and get in what I can before the dreaded date.

Hence, Tilapia.

I was quite happy with how this turned out, though I was initially unsure if it would turn out at all, seeing that I was the one cooking it.  As I was paying, I asked Adam, the TJ’s cashier (who happens to be a favorite of mine because he is a charming character)  if I could cook the tilapia in it’s frozen state.  He sort of stared at me with a wary look in his eye and began to shake his head.  “No, no I think that would be a very bad idea….bad bad idea. Something shocking will happen”

I wanted to say ‘well, something shocking usually does happen when I cook, so no surprise there’. Seeing, however, that he said it so very seriously, I just laughed merrily and thanked him for his advise.  Though oddly/dramatically put, he’s never steered me wrong before and I’m not about to take a chance now.  I put off eating my fish until the following evening, and it was delish.  Couldn’t tell it had been frozen at all.

Thats all I’ve got, unless you want to count the ‘nibs’ I grabbed on my way out.  To be quite honest, I think I am amused by their name than anything else.



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