honey, thats coffee

Ever since my coffee maker broke down on me a few months ago (along with my microwave, they must be in cahoots), I’ve gotten into the habit of stopping at Panera every morning on my way to work.  I keep telling myself it’s temporary, and that I’m going to get a new coffee maker any day now, but you know as well as I that this is a blatant lie.

Ok, so I like Panera coffee, I like it much better than my own and I have no intention of switching back anytime soon.  Before you judge me…oh well, I guess you can judge me if you want, but you really should try it first before you do.  It’s delectably smooth.


So anyway, the morning crew knows me there, perhaps a little too well, and usually has me rung up before I even get through the door.  Having nothing better to do while waiting in line, and in keeping with my regular habit of observing people around me with far more curiosity than what is good for anyone, I’ve come to notice a rather strange phenomenon.  People are putting honey into their coffee.

The first time it happened I thought I was seeing an anomaly, or maybe the poor chap had forgotten that he’d ordered coffee, not tea.

But then it kept happening. Time and time again people would walk over to the cream and sugar with a perfectly fine cup of coffee and pour honey into it.  I don’t know about you, but I find this exceedingly peculiar.   Perhaps it’s some european thing I haven’t caught onto yet, but if that be the case I think I’ll stick to the good ole’ american way of doing things.

Monday morning my morbid curiosity finally gets the better of me and I open my mouth.

“Um, excuse me.  I couldn’t help but notice you are putting honey in your coffee.  Is that, um….good?”

“Oh yes!”  (This he says with a sort of entranced look on his face, as if he’d been waiting for someone to ask him about it.)  “It’s absolutely amazing, you should really try it”

He holds up the his honey-drenched cup of coffee as if to offer me a taste.  I take an ample step back.

“Should I?  You know, I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing that lately, there must be something to it.”

“yes yes, it’s wonderful, but I had no idea any one else drank it this way….I thought I invented it “

Hmmm. Interesting.

I ask two more people doing the same thing the same question later that week, and in their own words they each say the exact same thing.

Well now isn’t this fascinating.  Apparently there are a significant number of individuals who are not only basting their java in honey, they all think it’s their personal chef-d’oeu·vre.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing left to do is try this strange concoction for myself and risk losing a good cup of coffee in the meantime. To each his own, I always say, though this one may get the better of me.



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