Of nothing in particular

Well, it seems I’ve entirely lost the battle-of-the-bed with the dog.  Yes yes, I’m afraid it’s true. No longer does he wait for me to leave, and no longer is he in any way shy about it, as previously described in ‘When you give a dog a blanket’

Now it’s more like, ‘move over little lady, I’m gonna take a nap’.  I decided it was all just becoming a bit too ridiculous to fight any longer, since every time I’d leave the room and come back, there was a goober sized hole in the center of my bed and two big droopy eyes looking up from the floor, which in dog speak reads ‘I’ve been here all along mama, really really. Don’t you believe me?’

Um. No, no I really don’t.

So now I just leave a big sheet over top to protect from fur and goob, wink at him as I leave, and listen to him climb up as I turn to head off to work. It’s like his main purpose in life now.

Find bed.

Acquire bed.

Sleep in bed.

Get kicked off of bed when mama gets in it.

Get up, acquire bed…and so it goes.


There were only a few goals I had for this past summer.  The first one was to rest, which I most thoroughly accomplished. I think rest (not sleep) is wholly underrated, but thats another blog in and of itself.

My second goal was to begin creating a new place of rest with my back porch.  Until now, it’s remained rather like a blank slate awaiting some much-needed love, as the most attention it’s received has been a morning gift from one or both of the pups.

So thoughtful of them, I know.

On paper, my plan was somewhat grandiose, perhaps too much so, for when I finally deduced what the cost would be it ended up roughly half my rent.

After tweaking my plans, I figured out a way to  cheer it up a bit without having to starve myself.  It’ll be quite nice when it’s all said and done, although at the moment I’m still trying to determine how to connect the cafe lantern lighting, and which cantilever to use.  I’d like to add paving stones in the next few months as well, and a great many more flowers, as I adore them and have learned how not to kill them.

Quite extraordinary, yes I know.  I’ve discovered watering them does an amazing amount of good.

IMG_3510 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513

109308 159314905537994169WMFgsyFTc bffa2403afa3031d1310ed2af75ddb03

Places of peace are significant for me, and since I’ve made the rest of my home that way, I’m pleased to finally extend that to my small outside place as well.

So far, Goober has manged not to ‘mark his territory’ on my little bike, flowers or garden area. Perhaps he knows it’s special to me because I brought him along whenever I had to grab something from Lowe’s.  He actually sort of tip-toes around it now,  as it were some sacred ground.

(Shhh, don’t tell him it’s the same porch.)


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