TJ’s Snack Attack

I thought it was about time I put in another Trader Joe’s post, seeing that it’s been a few months and we really oughtn’t miss summertime at TJ’s. T’would be a shame.

A friend recently pointed out to me that I often buy more snacks than I do actual meals, and while I wanted so badly to argue with him, I knew it to be true.

I do like snacks, darn it. They are lovely and small and charming. And easy to not mess up because, well, you really can’t mess them up. And if you spill them on  yourself (or someone else, God forbid) at least they are usually not hot or sticky or very wet.


Anyhow, having said that, I must tell you I am an excellent Snack Selector.  I may not be the best cook around, but by golly I know how to snack.

Sometimes they call me the Snack Lady. (I don’t particular like this label because it makes me sound like a trendy soccer mom driving around in a big SUV, a person I could not be furthest from, but whatever)

TJ’s Yogart Stars

These sort of remind me of a sophisticated, fruitier version of those pink and white cookies with sprinkles that always seem to be around during Christmas time. I enjoy those, but I enjoy these even more. Delicious, and again, won’t get your hands all grubby.


TJ’s Espresso Pillows

Don’t you just love that? Pillows. So much more alluring than ‘beans’, although I’m afraid thats exactly what they are. Beans.  Toffied espresso beans covered in dark chocolate. And oh man, they have caffeine. Oh yes they do.  I keep my little container in my desk at work for my ‘terribly tired days’  They work like a charm and are oh-so-yum. Plus you can tell you co-workers you have ‘espresso pillows’ and make them stare at you funny and wonder what the crap you’re talking about.


Cheddar and Horseradish Potato Chips

Ok guys, this one is so good it made it to my buy-every-time -I-stop-at-Trader Joe’s List. I suppose you have to like horseradish to really enjoy them, but they are so very tasty I have a difficult time imagining anyone not liking them.  Just try them. Please.  So much flavor, and if you happened to be one of those weirdos (like me) who have a strange joy for cheesy fingers, these are for you.


Frozen Vanilla Greek Yogart 

While I normally prefer 1-2% in my dairy, this stuff proves that it’s not always an absolute neccesity in delicious food. I decided to try it because it was the only frozen yogurt they had, plus the container was a pretty shade of lavender and I didn’t feel like eating sorbet.  I loved this as a late night snack, scooped with summer fruit and granola, or when my tummy wasn’t feeling the best. It’s not too sweet, has just the right amount of tart and vanilla, and could go with just about anything.


TJ’s Mesquite Smoked Seasoned Almonds

I wish I could take credit for these, but once again I’m going to have to thank my boss KG for finding these guys.  They sort of take me back to beach night bonfires after a day surfing in the sun. Maybe  it’s their ingeniously smoky flavor and allure. In any case, they’re enchanting.


Asiago Cheese with Rosemary & Olive Oil 

And what would be a Trader Joe’s post without some cheese? Nothing at all I say, we must always have the cheese.  I feel a bit ridiculous writing a description about this one, seeing that it sort of speaks for itself. Cheese needs no introduction if you ask me, it’s always good. Never met a cheese I didn’t like. Unless it’s fake cheese in which case it really isn’t cheese at all and should be banned from all human contact.

Tofu is not cheese. 

This, however, is.   Quite delectable really, I won’t ruin the surprise, go try it for yourself my friend.



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