How SoCal is sorta like a Cat

Precious summer is here my friend, and I am once again enjoying the change in tempo of the day and the turning of seasons I so adore.

I think I sort of have a thing for seasons.


I’ve heard people say that Southern California doesn’t have seasons, but I’m afraid I simply don’t agree.  It seems those who feel this way have grown up in another place where seasons are very potent and abrupt.  Lucid, if you will, distinct in such a manner that by comparison,  SoCal is just one big smudgy summerfallwinterspring. It’s dull to them in that regard, entirely grey, fuzzy, and unfamiliar.  And where is the snow? Where is the SNOW?


Ah, there it is.

While I can understand this frustration conceptually, I personally find that SoCal has something to offer that is all it’s own, distinct and beautiful in a charmingly unique way.

To recognize and appreciate this foreign appeal of which I speak, consider how dogs and cats are regarded.  Despite the fact that they are two completely different species, people constantly compare them to one another, claiming either to be ‘cat people’ or ‘dog people’ as if one must choose one or the other. This is a very strange concept to me indeed, since their only commonality is that they are both domestic beasts that human beings have come to live alongside and welcome into the home. But, to compare them to each other is simple lunacy and, in my opinion, truly takes away from what both have to offer.


You would not train a dog the way you do a cat, and if you did I’d be very delighted to watch you try. I’d bring some popcorn……and maybe an Abba Zabba.


That is sort of how I see SoCal. It’s a cat in a world of dogs, and you simply cannot compare them.  Alright, so Cali doesn’t live by the same rules as most of the country, and it’s seasons are different to be sure, but that does not offend me.  Transitions are subtle here, gentle in a way not found elsewhere.  We do not have the beauty of snow, but we have the charm of sunshine when the rest of the world is frozen.  We have rain, but not enough to drown us out, and the ocean is always a stone’s throw away when earth becomes heavy upon our feet. tumblr_lhenn2xb1v1qfv87go1_500

I go to Idaho or Washington for mighty seasons.  I come to California for the charm of California.  I suppose I see people in the same way, I’d hate to compare one to another when they were never meant to be seen so.  I want to take in all I can of each beautiful thing in this world without having to see what it’s ‘lacking’ .  Maybe what it’s ‘devoid’ of never was meant to be there in the first place, and maybe our fixation of what is ‘lacking’ in something keeps us from seeing the enchantment of what it truly is.


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