Disneyland eats and my favorite corners

Ok, so it’s a been a while since I’ve actually been to Disneyland, though I used to go there all the time when I was in college and had a pass.  Every now and then I still get barraged by the occasional Disney bug bite, compelling me to go get my fix somehow. But alas, I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

The happiest place on earth has gone quite mad I think, as they seem to have developed the notion we are all made out of gold.  I mean really, have you seen the prices lately?

Premium Annual Pass: $649.00

Deluxe Annual Pass:  $469.00

Southern Cal Annual Pass: $329.00

These are per person, my friend. That means that the average family of four would have to pay nearly $2,000 for average passes, not including parking (tack on another $130 per vehicle because they are non-nontransferable).  If you go all the way and get the best pass it ends up being over $3000, probably closer to $3,500 when you consider parking, food, and the driving to and from the place.

Ok, so yeah. Cha-ching.  But the thing is, people still pay it and we all know why.  There is just something about it that is, for some of us, worth 2 months rent. For me it was the time I spent there as a child with my dad. Once a year on my birthday he’d take me there, just me and him.  For one whole day I’d have the person I felt the closest to and saw the least of all to myself in a place where nothing seemed to go wrong.  (this was, of course, when tickets were, I don’t know, like $20)

So in the old days during college when I had a pass and would go there to ‘study’ with friends, I would often explore the in’s and outs of the place, discovering favorite corners, food, and the random idiosyncrasies that make it what it is.

Yes, I do think places have idiosyncrasies. Places are people too, ya know :/

Ok maybe not. But still.

Alright, so I guess I’ll start with the little Mint Julup bar in New Orleans square since it has three things I love.


First of all, Fritters.  They’re  sorta like baked potatoes made out of churros. Actually, thats exactly what they are. Delish.


Mint Juleps are also sold here, the non-alcoholic type of course.  I think this may be the only place in the park you can find them.  If you don’t like mint, it’s less than likely you’ll enjoy this, but I find it to be scrumdidaliumpsious. Instead of your typical bourbon base, I think they must use sprite.


(Also,  there are these fantastic tulip lamps hidden in bushes near the train right there.  I discovered them once whilst moseying around while my friends were actually doing things like riding rides.)


So moving on, we have one of my all-time favorites, the Corn Dog. Dun dun dun.  The ones sold here are, by far, the best I’ve ever had. They’re all messy and out of proportion and delectable. Mmmmm. I’m not sure if they’re sold in other restaurants around the park, but I get them from the corn dog cart between Mainstreet and Tomorrow-land.



So when  you mention Disneyland coffee shop, a lot of people think of the one on Mainstreet closest to the entrance, sorta looks like an ice cream shop inside?

Yeah, that’s not the one I’m talking about.

Instead of going into the one on the left (walking into the park), keep walking and go to the one on the right side. I’m sorry that I don’t know the name of it, I am sort of going by memory here.  It has a sweet little nook to play checkers at and looks like this inside:


One of the ingenious things about this place is that if you buy a regular coffee here, it’s refillable all day long.  No charge.  For someone who is very addicted to coffee, this is good news indeed. Just keep your receipt and you won’t be without a hot cup of coffee the entire day, haha!


Yes, your friends or family may hate me for telling you this when you’re bouncing off the walls of Space Mountain, but c’est la vie, what is Disneyland for.

Ok, so everyone knows about Bread Bowls, but I must mention them anyway because it would be a tragedy if I didn’t. These are a particular favorite of mine on cold/rainy evenings when I can no longer feel my toes.  My favorites include Steak Gumbo, Clam Chowder and Broccoli Cheese. I think that last one may only be served in California Adventure at the Boudin Sourdough Co.




There used to be a charming little candy shop in Adventureland that I’d always stop at. Sadly, it’s no longer there, but I thought I’d mention it anyway since it was one of those spots I loved.



The hot soft Pretzel. Need I say more?


And lastly, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the famous Dole Whip at the Tiki Juice Bar. Everyones has had these, yes? I certainly hope so.

A good place to crash for a while after a long day in the park, is the lobby of the Grand Californian. In the winter and fall seasons they’ve got fireplaces going, and sometimes the piano man is playing in the center of the room. It’s quite restful, I find.


So restful, you see, that you might just sort of fall asleep right there in one of the lobby chairs. This was taken at the Grand Californian hotel a few years back. Out cold.


They have a nice bar there if you fancy a drink, and they’ll serve you a complimentary bowl of what I refer to fondly as ‘cheesy crunch twisties’. To be honest, sometimes I get a drink there just so I can have the free cheesy crunch twisties.

I really wish I had a picture for you, but unfortunately that term does not come up when I google it.


Am I forgetting anything?  If so, fill me in friend.


2 thoughts on “Disneyland eats and my favorite corners

  1. If you need your Julep craving satisfied, check out this recipe. I made it and it passed the Mindy test. Absolutely delicious.

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