Final infusion


Well it’s over, at least for now.  Fingers crossed my body has taken it all in well and my blood work check in a month will be much improved.  If so, it looks like I won’t have to do this nonsense again for at least a little while.

And hey, against all ridiculous odds, I made it (:

My final day at the infusion center is another uneventful one, I’m incredibly pleased to report.  I think the most exciting thing that happens is that I find my vanilla goldfish in my travel bag. Better than you’d think, those little fish never let me down.


They won’t let you down either.

Other than that it’s just the normal body aching and back pain afterwards, which I promptly address with some good chinese food and a drink.  For some reason this time the whole thing sort of knocks me out and I sleep most of the rest of the day/afternoon/evening.

Maybe he snuck in some Benadryl when I wasn’t looking, who knows.

I try watching Argo when I get home but find myself waking up during the credits. Boy those credits were good.


As I said before, I hope the telling of my little adventure helps someone who reads it down the line. Maybe you think you are the only one who has funny things happen to you in hospitals. I assure you, my friend, you are not alone in your strangeness if that is the case. (:  This isn’t the first time I defied all odds in that sense, I am sure it won’t be the last.

Two days ago they further confirmed Lupus with more bloodwork and the doctor discussed with me the possible treatment plans, the first being steroids.

Steroids. Again. Are you kidding me?

Seeing that the only current problems it’s causing right now are fevers, some pain, and chronic anemia (which they have now addressed) I am choosing to hold off on further treatment at the moment. My lungs have been intact for a good amount of time, my heart problems haven’t worsened in the past year and apart from being very tired I honestly don’t feel too bad at all. I am thankful for that, and I think this might be something I can combat with a diet conducive to such things. While I’m not sure exactly what that means at the moment, I’m looking into it.

Thanks again to all my dear friends who have been so supportive during my needle phobia and the like.  You guys are the best.

Oh, and here’s my final happy-face shot. This was, of course, after the final IV was set.

Peace out.



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