Infusion #4: Thats more like it


This may the first time I’ve ever said this, but I’m very pleased to tell you I have no exciting story for you this week.


As my first truly uneventful infusion, I thought I’d celebrate with some drinks tonight, which I plan on attending to very shortly, just as soon as I tell you my non-story.

They move me to the chemo ward today. The halls are a pretty green color that remind me of the sea and the area is very quiet and still.  I feel sad immediately, but not for me.  The nurse is very kind and brings me 3 hot blankets instead of two during my prep and steroids, and offers me extra benadryl beforehand, just to let me sleep through the infusion. I say ‘yes please’ and then realize I probably shouldn’t allow my body to become immune to a drug that has helped save my life (and may need to do so in the future) and politely decline.

I hardly feel the needle and sleep through the drip anyway.  He uses my preferred area (on the inside of my elbow) and I watch ridiculous daytime TV and eat wheat thins for the moments I’m awake.

Thats it, thats my story this week:) My only side effects have been the sharp back pain and body aches I will always get (sorta like when you get the flu) that will inevitably fade within 48 hours. I’m hoping my blood pressure doesn’t drop so low again this week, but aside from that I’m home free.  Isn’t that delightfully simple and surprisingly uneventful? I certainly think so.

I’m off to that drink now, cheers (-:



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