Week three, 3rd times a charm


Maybe a rusty charm, but nevertheless.

To prevent a third reaction, the doctor decides to try a new steroid on me, despite the fact that we finally discovered one that actually prevented a reaction last week. He says he’s doing a preemptive strike with a less intense drug this time, as the last two weeks have apparently been considered emergencies, requiring emergency steroids.   He doesn’t want to administer the heavy duty stuff unless my BP,breathing and heart gets hit again.  I guess this makes sense, but I still don’t like it because it means risking another reaction.  I give a final request to leave well enough alone, but he sticks to his guns and I am too tired to fight.

They have to poke me twice, which is a bummer, but really nothing to complain about.  The first attempt she goes through the entire vein, consequently causing my arm to cramp up in pain and leaving a pretty good mess running down my arm.  It is the first time I cry during this thing, and hopefully the last.

I have no picture for you, and yes you’re welcome.

They bring in one of my nurses from week#1 to do it instead, since this poor gal is pretty traumatized at this point by whats happened.  I feel bad for her and try to crack a joke, but my tears sort of counteract the effect.   The guy decides to use my other arm,  in-between the elbow and the wrist instead to try and prevent it from blowing.  I don’t know what that location is called in medical terms, but in patient terms I thinks its just called the ‘holy-crap-stop -it-now’ place.

The new steroid works, thank God, and does almost everything its supposed to do to protect me.  My only allergic reaction is on my neck at the end of the infusion, in addition to a drop in blood pressure and back pain, but not to the point where I feel another trip back to the hospital is necessary. My BP is still low, but seems to have leveled off to the point where I can function ok, as long as I don’t try to have an intelligent conversation with anyone.

Thank you to those who have prayed for me and supported me so kindly.  I am grateful.



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