More Trader Joe’s for the un-foodies

My friend Suj and I recently went on a saturday excursion somewhere in orange county, during which we stopped at a very large, very beautiful Trader Joes (aren’t all Trader Joe’s beautiful though?) Anyway, seems neither of us can bear to pass by  a TJ’s without venturing inside, bewitched by the scent of fresh coffee and whatever happens to be inside those tiny paper cups at the sample booth at the moment.

Those little things are just too small, don’t you think?

Our ‘walk-through’ quickly advanced into a full-fledged shopping trip, which I cannot say I regret in the slightest.  I thought I’d share some of what we found that day, along with a few others I’ve discovered since, mostly because I feel a bit gloomy knowing there is such goodness sitting upon shelves people may or may not know about.

TJ’s Truffle Brownies


Suj was the one who introduced me to these that fateful day (and by introduced I mean tossed in the shopping cart and insisted that she buy them for me).  As a person who chooses her chocolate sparely and rarely cooks, I have to say these were well worth the effort. Make sure you have people to share them with, lest you eat the entire pan all by your lonely self. I split mine with Scotty.

Buttermilk Pancake Mix


I believe I may have mentioned these before, very briefly while telling some other random, less important story. But yes, truly makes the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I bet they’d make terrific waffles too, but I haven’t gotten that far just yet. Still working on not making the kitchen explode when I turn on the stove. Goodness only knows what would happen if I pulled out the waffle maker..

Do I even have a waffle maker? Hmm.

TJ’s Smoked Sockeye Salmon


Sort of a strange idea if you’ve never tried it before, I know, but once you get into it I think you’ll find it rather addictive.  A bit of this stuff on a mild cracker with a good slice of  cheese… Mmmm. A little hard cider with that, if you please.


I swear I’ve seen and tried hard pear cider at TJ’s before, but for some reason there seems to exist no record of it online. Senseless poppycock that is, if you ask me. But lest you think me mad, I’ll be sure to snap a photo of it the next time I’m there just to show you I’m not batty. And also because it’s delicious and you should taste it.

TJ’s Kefir


Ok, so I’ve known about this one for a while, but just now realized I’ve never mentioned it before.  Really good by itself if you’re hardcore, sort of like drinkable yogurt. If you’re not into the plain, tart yogurt thing, it’s a great base for fruit smoothies or with granola and honey. The strawberry and pomegranate flavors don’t need anything but an empty glass and a willing participant.

Pizza Al Pollo Asado


If you pick off every last little hint of cilantro on this, it’s delectable.  It has lots of good flavors and you can eat it with your hands, which is always a plus in  my mind. Just don’t go into it thinking you’re getting Papa Johns- this is not a pizza my friend.  Just looks like one.  To be perfectly honest, I stumbled upon this thing quite on accident, thinking it was a pizza because I was too tired or careless to notice when picked it off the shelf.  After the initial shock, I thought it was quite good.

TJ’S Fleur De Sel 


In plain English, ‘the sort of caramel that makes you drool like a dog just thinking about it’.  Kevin told me to look for these, and thanks to him I’ve continued to do so ever since.

TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pita Chips with Sea Salt


Looking for an effortless, charming snack that involves no cooking, no cilantro, and no risk of setting the kitchen ablaze? Dunt da da da! Here you are (: Enjoy


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