Alarm clock Fail

It has come to my attention that my mischievous left hand has somehow figured out a way to recurrently shut off my alarm whilst superseding my consciousness, all without a word about it to me.

How very rude.  I mean really, you’d think after all these years it would at least say something.

I’ve tried all sorts of things to trick myself into waking up before the damage is done, but I’m afraid I’m stumped.  Goober was helping me out for a while, poking me with his big nose 10 minutes after that rogue hand would silently shut it off without my knowledge, but he seems to be falling short of his duties of late.

I thought we had a deal, sweet boy?

And believe you me,  it really was an effective plan while in place.  When you’ve got a Great Dane’s muzzle nudging against your face first thing in the morning, the option to wake up at that point really isn’t much of an option at all, unless you enjoy being covered in doggie drool of course.

Quite the motivator if you ask me.

Goober knows this, takes advantage of this, and was (until now) quite consistent in using this to his advantage.  Perhaps he’s become progressively clever in the realization that if I miss work altogether he gets to have me home with him all the day long instead of just a little while in the morning.

Hmmm, sounds to me like Goober and my hand are in cahoots. He to vie for my company, the hand just because it likes to do rash, mischievous things of this sort.

Darn you hand.

In all reality I’m afraid I can’t blame my hand or my dog, not really. (But shhh,  don’t tell Goober that, for crying in the night).  I suppose it’s just another tiresome and inconvenient result of having anemia for six months without knowing why.  Those lab numbers just keep dropping, despite the massive amount of iron my doctor has been putting into me.

You’d think I’d be Miss Iron Man by now. Sheesh.

As I become increasingly tired, my hand and my dog have become increasingly bright it seems. Always an up-side to everything, isn’t there now?

(I will tell you one thing though- the spinach/broccoli/ kale thing is getting really very old at this point.  If I see one more green thing I’m supposed to eat I think I might lose it…….I can’t say I’m tired of the steak just yet)

Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you, my garden is not dead


Can you believe it? I know, utterly shocking. Coming from the plant/flower/leaf killer,  I feel that’s quite a feat.

Actually, it has very little to do with me and everything to do with my next door neighbor Scott (you remember, the warm-hearted gnome who is just a tad bit eccentric)  If it weren’t for him my flowers and plants would be nothing but compost by now, I’m sure.

This little gem is my newest addition, a birthday gift from a kind friend who has more faith in me to keep things alive than is warranted.  I call it Jupiter because it’s rather like having a real live shining star from the night sky in my office every morning. Better than lucky charms.

Well, ok, almost.   (I think Lucky Charms secretly has lots and lots of iron.)


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