October trader joe’s plunder

I have a sneaking suspition that were I to further neglect sharing my recent spoils with you (and by recent I mean the past 6 months) I may forget about them altogether. This would be a tragedy indeed, first because it would potentially deprive you from tasting some random and delectable gem I’ve stumbled upon whilst on some impromptu Trader Joe’s excursion (as I find most Trader Joe’s excursions tend to be), and secondly, I do not wish to be a miser. Keeping good things all to oneself is never a good thing, and can only lead to all sorts of mischief.

Having said that, I must tell you that it’s taken me a bit of concentrated effort trying to track down my finds from the past few months. You see, I have a rather strange habit of jotting these things down on some arbitrary object nearby, thinking all the while I will most certainly remember their location later on.  Of course, they all end up in a hundred different places around my house, least of all where I might think to look.

I am such a dimwit.

One time I found I had scribbled the name of something on the side of a peanut butter jar.

Peanut butter. Seriously?

So now that you know another one of my many shortcomings, let me show you my summer- October plunder.

Sparkling blueberry juice

This stuff is so refreshing it leaves an amazing taste of blueberry pie in your mouth long after you’ve sampled it.

Olive hummus

It stands to reason that if you don’t like green olives you wouldn’t like this stuff, but after tasting it I’m really not so sure.  It’s great with lightly salted pita chips and the like. Be careful sitting down with this one, you’ll run the risk of finishing it off in one sitting if you’re not careful.

Chipmunk chocolate

Ok, I know thats not it’s real name, but thats what I call it.  I have to give credit for this one to my boss, who one day gave me a piece from the stash he keeps in his office drawer. I’m really not much of a chocolate person, but I’m sort of convinced this isn’t chocolate at all. It’s got this rich, creamy texture that reminds me very much of good espresso, mixed with little bits of toffee and salt makes it rather heavenly. Ever since then, whenever we have a hectic day in the office he’ll split one of these bars and leave a piece on my desk without a word. It always does the trick.

Honey wheat pretzels

I took a chance on this one, and it turned out to be well worth it.  I don’t normally like pretzels (unless they’re the lovely soft ones you find in new orleans square at disneyland) and I can’t even recall what possessed me to give these a try in the first place, but I’m glad I did.  They are a delightful snack with a hint of salt and sweetness.  The perfect beach/post-surft companion.

Tofu spring rolls

You’re going to have to trust me on this one, I realize that don’t appear all that appealing at first glance. But once they’re in your mouth you’ll forget all about your first impression.  Another one I tried on a fluke, I think I may have dared myself  to buy these.  Filled with mint leaves, some sort of fresh greens, carrot, rice noodles and a piece of tofu, they’re a completely clean, refreshing snack that always leaves me feeling replenished.  They come with a delicious peanut sauce on the side, I find you only need a small amount to attain complete deliciousness.

Homemade flour tortillas

My family used to make homemade tortillas back home, and I never thought I’d find the likes of them inside a store.  I was wrong. These are incredible, please try them or I’ll have to make you some and show you what you’re missing.

Apricot mango greek yogurt 

I hardly know what to say about this other than Goooood knights of columbus.  It’s one of those things you talk to as you eat it, so taken-aback with each spoonful that you have to verbally express your delight and surprise to the product itself or anyone else who happens to be in the room. Or perhaps I am the only one who does this, in which case you should still try this stuff, regardless of my possible eccentricity.

Just mango slices

Speaking of mango, these are certainly worth eating.  You know that saying ‘you want what you can’t have’?  I suppose that might apply here, as I have a slight allergy to the fruit but crave it continually.  The reaction isn’t severe or anything, and these things are well worth any slight inconvenience  they may temporarily cause.

Roasted coconut chips 

I cannot take credit for these, and to be truthful I would have never seen them had I not been told to look for them.  My friend Jenny strongly suggested I give them a shot, and though by mere description I couldn’t understand their appeal, once tasted I had great difficulty closing up the bag.  These little gems consist of roasted coconut bits soaked in young coconut milk, set with the perfect amount of sugar and salt.  Perfection, I’m telling you.  They are rather hard to find (at least that was the case in my local store), so look hard.  They’re over by the dried fruit sitting quietly in the corner, certainly overlooked by most who pass by.  After trying them I wonder if Trader Joe’s purposefully sets them down there so they don’t run out on a daily basis.

Happy TJ’s snacking(:

Oh, and if you’d like, here are a few of my past TJ’s treasure hunting reports  for your reference and personal tasting excursions:





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