when it is darkest you can see the stars

Last week was sort of wild.  Imagine if you will, the following scene:

One large 160 lbs Great Dane lying helpless on the sidewalk outside the front door, howling and screaming in pain from a severely herniated disc in his back, unable to get up and biting anything that comes near him.

Girl who loves him standing next to him crying, trying to get him to the vet but unable to even get him close to her car.

Not a pretty picture.

Two seconds later three guys come out of nowhere carrying heavy cloth tarp.  Without hesitation large dog is somehow slid onto said tarp and carried to the back of sad girl’s car.

(Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be telling you this story if it didn’t have a good ending.  This is not Marley and Me.)

He ended up in emergency surgery for the removal of the herniated disc which had been crushing major nerves in his back and sciatica, causing severe and debilitating pain.

The same night I ended up in the hospital for a bad infection in my kidney and lungs that I had neglected to deal with until my dog was in good hands.  As a result my fever was spiking to 104 and I felt like I had downed a dozen very strong drinks and had the worst hangover of my life (which is sad because I didn’t even have a chance to have one drink after getting home from dropping my dog off for surgery before I had to be taken to the hospital myself)

The doctors suspected meningitis and I ended up with an IV that made me feel pretty darn good.  This was after being traumatized by learning that the means by which they test for meningitis is by way of a spinal tap.

I sure wish they’d given me that IV prior to that knowledge.

It was a rough one, to be sure, but I am left with an extraordinarily grateful heart and a very happy dog.  I could not believe the goodness of the people who came to our aid and helped us make it through when I reached my end.  I’ve almost lost track of how many neighbors helped hoist bear to and from my car, drove me to the hospital, stayed with me while I was there, checked on both of us once we were home recovering, and left juice for me and carrots for him at our doorstep.

Oh yeah, my dog loves carrots.  A lot.

He came home only 7K and two days later and has been improving ever since.  The only loss on his part was tail function, which, if you ask me, makes him all the more endearing.  The thing just sort of swings with his hips now.  Completely out of control.

Sometimes it takes an awful week like that to remind a person that there are still good people in this world.