Mud puddle

I’m sure I could come up with a million and one reasons why I haven’t been around much of late, but instead of boring you with excuses and random information you don’t need or desire, I shall simply say hello and forgo any futile attempts to explain or excuse myself.

There really is no excuse for me.

So hello.  I do hope you’ve been well.

I am writing this at the sole request of my dear Q, a friend who knows me well enough to know that I need to write, even if I have nothing important or even unimportant to say.

I fit into both of those categories rather nicely right now.

She says she misses reading my ‘rambling cheer’, which is a nice thing to say even if it is a blatant lie.

I love you Q.

Lets face it, any words I have at present (when I find them) really aren’t worth reading and certainly aren’t worth contemplating. They sort of look like this:

Or perhaps this is an even more accurate depiction:

Messy. Messy messy messy.  But that what I’ve got today, and it must go somewhere I suppose.  At least that’s what Q says, and she’s usually right.

Darn her.

Tell me my friend, what is with this weather?  I feel like I’m waiting for a monsoon or something. I cannot deny I find it somewhat appealing, rather mysterious and thought-provoking for July, and it makes me remember why I love storms so.  I could do without the Sticky-Hot though.

Sticky-hot is only good when it relates to warm cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning.


Though they may seem senseless and stupid on some level, sometimes we just need those little things in life, you know?  Things like cinnamon rolls or asiago cheese bagels, a good joke, or watching your dog do something stupid in the morning just to make you laugh.  When the world becomes a little dreary we find those tiny rays of sunshine to remind us to keep our chin up.  Like today, I pulled out my lucky charms, a little Bruce Springsteen (Surprise, Surprise) and a car freshener that smelled just like vanilla bean ice cream.

Oh, you didn’t think ice cream smelled so good, did you? Well, have you ever tried using your nose first?  I know, it’s so cold it doesn’t seem like you should for some reason. Why is that?

My air conditioner is broken.  While I can’t say I always find this convenient, the advantages are such that I’m beginning to wonder if I ought to ever get it fixed.  You see, when your AC is working properly and you’re trying to decide if you really need to turn it on, it’s likely that at some point or another you’ll decide you’ll die without it.  But, if you have no choice in the matter, you learn to do other things to survive and eventually discover you’re quite ok without it.   There is something freeing about that.

On the other hand, I may be whistling a different tune come August, in which case you may smile and chuckle and say I told you so from your cool air-conditioned home while I stand in front of an open freezer and suck on ice cubes.  I am quite aware I’m probably just being stubbornly optimistic and also just plain stubborn.

And just because it’s sort of ironic, I have to tell you that I often have a floor heater running in the dead of summer in my office because the AC is cranked SO high that I can no longer feel my toes.  I find this both amusing and slightly disturbing on some level.

Wouldn’t mud puddle be a darling name for a coffee shop?

Alright Q, that’s all the nonsense I can subject my poor readers to today.  I’m glad to have put words on a page, even if words are all they are.


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