My friend Espresso

There is no greater motivation to get up in the morning than that drawling feeling in the back of your head warning that a caffeine headache is fast on it’s way, coupled with the realization that you’re clean out of coffee.

HELLO. I’m up.

If the day suggests no immediate duty to fulfill, this usually means a trip to Corner Bakery, my go-to place when I need to escape the world, or said drawling feeling in the back of my head.

The place has a mellow, reposeful atmosphere, conducive for writing, resting, or otherwise enjoying a comfortable chair whilst not having to fight my dogs for a place upon it. It is most definitely not the place I stop by for a coffee to-go, oh what a waste that would be!

Marvelous places like this beg one’s unhurried repose and enjoyment.

Someone once pointed out to me that the atmosphere there is kindly reminiscent of an old familiar home, not  the cold rows of strange, solitary cubicles you might find elsewhere.  Nothing against Panera in general (their coffee is quite good) but the ambience  is nothing like that of the Corner.  The colors are sharper and brighter, the ceiling seems closer, and I always have the distinct sense that I’m surrounding by dozens of machines that oughtn’t be disturbed…..why is that?

And besides all that, Panera’s chairs are rather irksome and unyielding. I cannot understand them.

But I digress.  All I really meant to say was, there is nothing quite like knowing those two shots of espresso are doing their job, whilst sitting in a room where no one knows your name, yet somehow you are not a stranger.

Espresso, mmmm.  Espresso would be a fine name for a dog, don’t you think? Either that or Thesaurus, one cannot have a dog name Thesaurus who lacks personality I should think.  Bear was actually Thorbin before he was Bear, and though that might have been a much more fantastic name, I had to weigh the risk of naming my dog after the Bear of Thor, which, as I recall,  is what the name means in greek mythology.

One can never be too cautious when assigning names to living things, there is something terribly real about the whole thing.  They tend to live up to them somehow.

Perhaps I ought to consider the name Quietude in the future…


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